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Get the Functional, Whole Smile You Deserve

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Tooth loss affects over 170 million Americans of all ages, impacting their ability to eat, speak, and smile with confidence. While gaps in your smile can wreak havoc on your self-esteem, missing teeth can also lead to an increased risk of other oral health concerns, including more tooth loss. Our team at Roosevelt Dental offers beautiful, customized full and partial dentures in Windham to fill the gaps in your smile and restore its function and beauty. Call us today to schedule a consultation!

Why Choose Roosevelt Dental for Dentures?

  • Every Treatment is Personalized to You
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  • We Accept Many PPO Dental Insurances

Who is a Good Candidate for Dentures?

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Dentures are incredibly versatile and can be specially designed based on what type of tooth loss you face. Whether you opt for full, partial, or implant dentures, these prosthetics are excellent for patients who are missing several or all of their teeth across an arch.

The best way to learn whether you qualify for this treatment is to visit Dr. Jenny Miedema for a one-on-one consultation. After thoroughly examining your mouth and speaking with you about your goals, she will be able to outline a treatment plan to help rebuild your smile.

Types of Dentures

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Depending on the location of your missing teeth in Windham, your jawbone density and oral anatomy, your smile goals, and your budget, our team at Roosevelt Dental may recommend any of the following types of dentures for you.

Partial Dentures

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Partial dentures are removable and made to fit like a puzzle piece between your existing teeth. They’re ideal for patients who are missing several teeth throughout a row, acting to fill in the spaces by anchoring replacement teeth to a metal or acrylic clasp that effortlessly slides between your existing teeth.

Full Dentures

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Full dentures are recommended for patients who have an entire row of missing teeth. They’re comprised of two main parts, the base, which is gum-colored and made from acrylic, and the replacement teeth, which can be crafted from natural-looking dental materials like porcelain. They’re specially designed to utilize suction within the mouth to stay in place atop the gumline.

Implant Dentures

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Implant dentures offer the best in aesthetics and function, as they’re the only tooth replacement solution that replaces the entire structure of missing teeth, including the roots. Instead of resting atop the gumline, your denture will be attached to anywhere from four to eight titanium posts that have been surgically placed below the gumline. This additional component allows for greater stability, support, and a lifelike feel.

The Benefits of Dentures

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Dentures offer a variety of benefits that make them a popular choice among patients looking to restore a number of missing teeth. Some of the advantages of this treatment include:

  • Each restoration is customized to look like a natural part of your smile.
  • Ability to last for up to 10 years.
  • Cost-effective solution for tooth loss.
  • Easy to clean and removable.
  • Preservation of facial shape.
  • Allows better chewing and speaking abilities.